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Author: Pliny

Date: 1555

Place: Basileae [Basel, Switzerland]

Publisher: Per Hier. Frobenium et Nic. Episcopium

vol 2 title page.jpg

Author: Conrad Gessner

Date: 1585

Place: Francofurti

Publisher: In bibliopolio Cambieriano

Author: Pliny

Date: 1589

Place: In Venetia

Publisher: Appresso Gio. Battista Vscio

QK41 C586 1601 Title Page.jpg

Author: Carolus Clusius

Date: 1601

Place: Antverpiæ [Antwerp]

Publisher: Ex officina Plantiniana, apud Ioannem Moretum.

Author: Aelian

Date: 1616

Place: Coloniae Allobrogum [Geneva, Switzerland]]

Publisher: Apud Philippum Albertum

Author: Giulio Cesare Scaligero

Date: 1620

Place: Hanoviae

Publisher: Typis Wechelianis apud Danielem & Davidem Aubrios & Clementem Schleichium

Author: Pliny

Date: 1625

Place: A Cologny

Publisher: De l'imprimerie de Iacob Stoer

Author: Thomas Browne

Date: 1650

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by A. Miller, for Edw. Dod and Nath. Ekins

PR3327 A68 1658 Title Page Enquiries.jpg

Author: Thomas Browne

Date: 1658

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for Edward Dod, and are to be sould by Andrew Crook

Author: Francesco Redi

Date: 1740

Place: In Napoli

Publisher: A spese di Raffaele Gessari nella stamperia di Angelo Carfora

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