La magnifique et superbe entree du roy et de la reyne en la ville de Paris.




La magnifique et superbe entree du roy et de la reyne en la ville de Paris






Du Bureau d'Adresse (the first book in this two-book collection is printed by the booksellers and printers of the King, with a printer's device, avec privilege de sa majesté).




L. Frosne Sculpsit (engravings) and possibly Boisscuin


Reprint of: Gazette de France -- No. 103 (3 Sept. 1660), p. 785-816.

Copy with: France. Treaties, etc. Spain. 1659 Nov. 7. Traitté de paix entre les couronnes de France et d'Espagne. A Paris : Par les imprimeurs & libraires du roy, 1660 (BCH-0440).

Note: the first half of this book, which I have referred to as book one, is a treaty between France and Spain of the marriage between King Louis XIV and Marie Therese. It ends after page 87 as the last numbered leaf, followed by an extrait du privilege, then the first main page of text of the second book, the "Magnifique and Superbe..." begins on [89]. There is a note on the final leaf of book two indicating that it was printed in the Galleries of the Louvre, which shows strong evidence that a King's printer (or printers) would have produced the original. The date of printing is listed as 3 September 1660.  

Roman, Italic.

Two copperplate engravings, both frontispieces, one of Marie Therese of France and one of King Louis XIV of France. Woodcuts of section headers can be found throughout the book sa well as decorated woodcut initials.

Privilège du roi, extrait des registres du conseil d’Eꭍtat.

CRRS bookplate on inner pastedown as well as CRRS stamp on final leaf. On the inner pastedown, a pencil note reads: H4 Tr1 7295, scm 1021 which could be an accession number or other cataloguing information.

Binding: tight-back binding. Paper over boards, rebound after 1660, there is a thin, fragile strip of pasted cloth onto the spine with the title in gold letters; ridges of the spine appear to be decorative and not authentic. Book is in overall good working condition. Spine also features gold decorations, but they are imitative gold and not genuine. 

Paper: wove paper, working condition, but the pages of book one are of a better quality and thicker stock than the thin pages of book two. Leaves have been trimmed from their original size and are uneven. There are brown splotches on the pages of book two, and some holes in the pages but they are not consistent with bookworm damage.

Paper over boards. Not an original binding to 1660 but added later by one of the book's owners, who may have requested that two books of his collection relating to the marriage of Marie Therese and King Louis XIV be combined into a single volume. The format of this book is listed as an octavo (8v0) in the University of Toronto library catalogue, but closer examination suggests that this book is closer to a quarto (4v0).

Boards measure 18 x 23cm, longest leaves measure 17 x 22.5cm (but leaves vary in length due to this book being trimmed and rebound).

This book contains hand-written marginalia, particularly on one page that has a strip that is longer than the other leaves at the bottom.

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