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Author: Isidore

Date: 1519

Place: Impressus Parisius

Publisher: Pro Johanne Petit

Author: Aristotle

Date: 1551

Place: Stampato in Vinegia

Publisher: Appresso Bartholomeo detto l'Imperadore & Francesco suo genero

Author: Joannes Camers

Date: 1557

Place: Basileae [Basel, Switzerland]

Publisher: Per Henrichum Petri

Author: Alessandro Piccolomini

Date: 1559

Place: In Vineggia

Publisher: Per Francesco dell'Imperadori

Author: Plutarch

Date: 1560

Place: In Lucca

Publisher: Per Vincenzo Busdragho

Author: Alessandro Piccolomini

Date: 1575

Place: Venetia

Publisher: Appresso G. Ziletti

Author: Aristotle

Date: 1576

Place: Venetijs

Publisher: Apud Ioannem Antonium Bertanum

Author: Joachim Camerarius

Date: 1578

Place: Francofurti

Publisher: Apud Andream Wechelum

Author: Plutarch

Date: 1603

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by A. Hatfield

Author: Pierre Charron

Date: 1618

Place: A Paris

Publisher: Imprimées par Iacques Bessin

Author: Owen Feltham

Date: 1634

Place: London

Publisher: Imprinted [by E. Purslowe] for H. Seile

Author: Antonio de Escobar y Mendoza

Date: 1646

Place: Lugduni

Publisher: Apud haered. Ionae Gautherin

D158 .F9 1651 Book 2 Title Page Engraving.jpg

Author: The holy state

Date: 1652

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by R. D. for John Williams, and are to be sold at the signe of the Crown in St. Pauls Churchyard

Author: Pierre Charron

Date: 1662

Place: A Amsterdam

Publisher: Chez Louys & Daniel Elzevier

Author: Ralph Cudworth

Date: 1731

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for James and John Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard

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