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Author: Saint Johannes Chrysostomus

Date: 1565

Place: Venice

Publisher: per Domenico & Gio. Battista Guerra, fratelli

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Author: Philipp Melanchthon

Date: 1560

Place: Vitebergae [Wittenberg, Germany]

Publisher: Excudebat Iohannes Lufft

Author: Guillaume Budé

Date: 1535

Place: Parisiis

Publisher: Ex officiana R. Stephani

Author: Gregory

Date: 1607

Place: Hanouiae

Publisher: Typis Wechelianis, apud Claudium Marnium & heredes Ioan[nis] Aubrii

Author: Thomas Fuller

Date: 1651

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by Tho. Brudenell for John Stafford

Author: Ralph Cudworth

Date: 1731

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for James and John Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard

Author: Nicholas Sander

Date: 1588

Place: Romae

Publisher: In aedebus populi romani, apud Georgium Ferrarium

Author: Isidore

Date: 1519

Place: Impressus Parisius

Publisher: Pro Johanne Petit

Author: Antonio de Escobar y Mendoza

Date: 1646

Place: Lugduni

Publisher: Apud haered. Ionae Gautherin

Author: Nicolas Pithou

Date: 1593

Place: [S.l

Publisher: s.n.]

Author: Irenaeus

Date: 1710

Place: Parisiis

Publisher: Typis et sumptibus Joannis Baptistae Coïgnard

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