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Author: -------- Bellanger

Date: 1740

Place: Paris

Publisher: G. & C. Martin

DC 124.45 .F27 1660 Title Page of Book 2 .jpg

Author: (Unidentified)

Date: 1660

Place: Paris

Publisher: Du Bureau d'Adresse (the first book in this two-book collection is printed by the booksellers and printers of the King, with a printer's device, avec privilege de sa majesté).

Author: Abraham Cowley

Date: 1707

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for Jacob Tonson


Author: Achilles Tatius

Date: 1776

Place: Lipsiae

Publisher: Svmptibvs I.F. Ivnii


Author: Achilles Tatius

Date: 1560

Place: In Venetia

Publisher: Per Francesco Lorenzini da Turino


Author: Adrien Turnèbe

Date: 1600

Place: Argentorati

Publisher: Sumptibus Lazari Zetzneri Bibliopolae


Author: Aelian

Date: 1616

Place: Coloniae Allobrogum [Geneva, Switzerland]]

Publisher: Apud Philippum Albertum

Author: Aelian

Date: 1548

Place: Basileae [Basel, Switzerland]

Publisher: [Ex officina I. Oporini

Author: Aelianus

Date: 1552

Place: Fiorenza [Florence, Italy]

Publisher: Appresso L. Torrentino impressor ducale

Author: Aeschines

Date: 1545

Place: Argentorati [Strassburg, Germany]

Publisher: Per W. Rihelium


Author: Aesop

Date: 1530

Place: Basileae [Basel, Switerland]

Publisher: in officina Frobeniana

PQ4622 .A19 1552 Title Page.jpg

Author: Agnolo Firenzuola

Date: 1552

Place: Già in Firenze [Florence]

Publisher: Appresso i Giunt

Author: Alanus

Date: 1582

Place: Venetijs [Venice]

Publisher: Combeis sumptibus


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