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Author: -------- Bellanger

Date: 1740

Place: Paris

Publisher: G. & C. Martin

Author: Abraham Cowley

Date: 1707

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for Jacob Tonson


Author: Achilles Tatius

Date: 1776

Place: Lipsiae

Publisher: Svmptibvs I.F. Ivnii


Author: Anthony à Wood

Date: 1786

Place: Oxford

Publisher: Clarendon Press, Printed for the editor


Author: Anthony Sparrow

Date: 1722

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by J. Bettenham, for Charles Rivington


Date: 1790

Place: Padova

Publisher: Presso P. Brandolese


Author: Antonio Minturno

Date: 1725

Place: Napoli

Publisher: Stamperia di G. Muzio

Author: Aonio Paleario

Date: 1728

Place: Ienae

Publisher: Ex officina C.F. Bvchii


Author: Baldassarre Castiglione

Date: 1727

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by W. Bowyer for the editor

Author: Basil Kennett

Date: 1713

Place: London

Publisher: Printed for T. Child, at the White-Hart and R. Knaplock, at the Bishop's Head, in St. Paul's Church-yard

Author: Battista Guarini

Date: 1736

Place: Amsterdamo

Publisher: Apresso Salomone Schouten


PQ1609 .D305 1732 titlepage1.jpg

Author: Bonaventure Des Périers

Date: 1732

Place: A Amsterdam [i.e. Paris]

Publisher: Chez Prosper Marchand


Author: Burigny

Date: 1782

Place: Halle und Helmstädt

Publisher: Im Verlag der Hemmerdeschen Buchhandlung

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