Provenance and Owner's Notes

The CRRS copy of the first volume of Pietro Lauro's translation of Josephus' Antiquities, Giosefo, Delle antichita giudaiche, contains two or three owners' signatures as well as one owner's long manuscript note on the back fly leaf. There is, however, no marginalia throughout the volume.


Owners' signatures:

Delle antichita giudaiche Giosefo ; tradotto in italiano per M. Pietro Lauro Modense. Delle antichita giudaiche Giosefo ; tradotto in italiano per M. Pietro Lauro Modense.

Manuscript note on back fly leaf:

The manuscript note on the back fly leaf appears to be in the same hand as the signature on the title page.

The pages have been trimmed, resulting in the loss of some letters, but this is what it appears to say (with unclear letters and suggested reconstructions in brackets):

“[F]accioli (Pietro) di Padova N. 1708 letterato. Bibl: Ital: D[ec. 1816]…

Forcellini (M. Antonio) fratello di Egidio, piu giovane […]

Letterato insigne ed a[ss]quano Bibl.: Ital: Dec [1816]

[F]errari (givanbattista{?}) Poeto Oratore, e storico […]…

scrito Melan un(?) panegirico. Bibl: Ital. […]

Fontana (Gregorio) sua vita  N. […] Nogar[e]do 17…

[…] Mattematico, e letterato. Giornale de f[isica…]

Secondo bimestre


Fontanini: Biblioteca dell'eloquenza Italiana la(?) p[…]

Fini(?) e(?) le annotazioni dello Zeno f. Bibl: Ital


Verso: [...] dei lavori fatti dal Tedeschi…nel 1815…Bibl. Ital.: Marzo



This is a list of important Italian scholars of the 17th-18th centuries, with some brief details. Thus, for example, the second scholar listed is Marco Antonio Forcellini (1712-1794), who was the younger brother of Egidio (who was a scholar by his own right). See here:

The next scholar listed is Giovanni Baptista Ferrari (1584-1655), who was very learned in various disciplines, including in Hebrew and Syriac. 

Further investigation of this note revealed that the entire list is based on the issues of the first year of the journal of Italian literature: Biblioteca italiana, o sia giornale di letteratura (1816), and that journal is refered to in the note itself by "Bibl.: Ital:" The first two scholars listed, Faccioli and Forcellini, are similarly listed in p. 433 of the Dec. issue (seen here on the left), and Fontanini is mentioned there as well; Ferrari is listed in p. 436 of the same issue; Fontana is listed in p. 436 of the second issue (April-June); and the reference in the verso to the works of Germans in 1815 clearly refers to the appendix of the first issue (March; p. 407 ff.), which is entitled: “Breve cenno de’ lavori fatti dai Tedeschi in Filologia durante l’ anno 1815."

Bibl. Ital. Dec 1816, p. 433

Interestingly, there is no apparent connection between the scholars listed or the Italian journal from which the list was taken and the works of Josephus or this Italian translation. It seems that the owner simply used the back fly leaf , probably in early 1817, to make a list for him/herself, perhaps of authors s/he wanted to explore further.