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DC 123-2 E87 1666 VUCS title page.jpg

Author: François Annibal Estrées

Date: 1666

Place: Paris

Publisher: Chez Thomas Jolly

Author: Richard Verstegan

Date: 1592

Place: Antuerpiae

Publisher: Apud Adrianum Huberti

Author: Normandy (France)

Date: 1767

Place: A Paris : A Rouen

Publisher: Chez Durand Neveu ... ; Chez la Veuve Besongne

PN6354 .S55 1560 Title Page.jpg

Author: Gabriele Simeoni

Date: 1560

Place: In Lione [Lyons]

Publisher: Apresso Guglielmo Rouiglio

Author: Nicolas de Neufville Villeroi

Date: 1622

Place: [À Sedan, jouxte la coppie imprimée à Paris

Publisher: Par J. Houzé

Author: Nicolas de Neufville Villeroi

Date: 1725

Place: A Amsterdam

Publisher: Aux dépens de la Compagnie

Author: Roger de Rabutin Bussy

Date: 1697

Place: A Paris

Publisher: Chez Jean Anisson

DC123-9 R5A5 1649 title page.jpg

Author: Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu

Date: 1649

Place: The text itself provides no clues as to the place of printing, but one can infer based on the Cardinal's other major publications that the place would have been Paris, possibly the Galleries at the Louvre where the King's Printers typically produced royal documents and publications.

Publisher: The text also does not provide any clues as to who printer or published this edition of Richelieu's journal. However, there is significant evidence that points to Sébastien Cramoisy (1584 - 1669) as the possible printer and bookseller, as he published many of Cardinal Richelieu's works beginning in 1614. It is worth noting that even if Cramoisy did publish this volume, his printer's device is nowhere to be found so he (or whomever the printer was) may have been asked to print this book anonymously.

Author: Guillaume Girard

Date: 1670

Place: London

Publisher: Printed by E. Cotes, and A. Clark, for Henry Brome

Author: François Grudé La Croix du Maine

Date: 1772

Place: Paris

Publisher: Saillant & Nyon

Author: Varillas

Date: 1684

Place: La Haye

Publisher: Chez Arnout Leers

Author: Petrus Ramus

Date: 1584

Place: Francofurti

Publisher: Apud haeredes Andreae Wecheli

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