Ambrosii Calepini Bergomatis Lexicon - 1534

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This 1534 edition of the Dictionarium is organized in Latin and includes a number of cognates in Greek. The book features strict alphabetical organization in two columns with headings that run across the full page. Each letter begins with a decorated capital and the start of each new letter pair is marked with an in-column heading. Headings at the top of the page mark the preponderance—not the beginning—of the words included.

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Pages are set in two columns, with headings that go across the entire page. Headings give two letters (e.g,. C ante A) which start the words on the page. If the entries shift to a new two letter beginning, a heading is given mid-column. 

Entries are alphabetized by Latin. Words that introduce the entry are set in black letter (gothic) type, with the definitions in roman type.

Calepini 1534 R1r detail (Canis)

Bibliographic Information


Ambrogio Calepino


Ambrosii Calepini Bergomatis Lexicon: nunc demum à me[n]dis exactissime repurgatum, praeterera ubi[que] Graeca[rum] uocum accessione locupletatum, ut utrius[que] linguae lexici uice fungi possit accessere ad postremam hanc editionem Iacobi Montani uiri literatissimi castigatio[n]es, quas passim annotauimus hoc signo [flower type-ornament] antehac neq[ue] uisae unqnam, nec a quoquam animaduersae.






Ex aedibus Ioannis Praël


Jacobus Montanus
Johannes Prael


Leather over wood boards. Part of a manuscript is visible inside the spine. Leather is embossed. The book once had clasps, and indentations and screw holes are visible on the cover. The book has likely been rebound at least once, since the handwritten notes continue into the binding.

Many handwritten notes throughout. Many make connections between entries or add explanation. Parts of the title page woodblock have been coloured in by hand.

4F1 has been repaired with paste and lightweight paper.

Most of the final page is wanting.

Items found between pages: Fruit stem follows A2, folded paper book mark follows 2F1 (the paper has been cut with tassels to resemble a leather bookmark), birch bark follows 3G1, a feather follows 3S2, a folded paper with some calculations follows 3Z1, seeds follow 4A2.


Handwritten on A1v “Ex libris mei Joanis Pebri Vensburni (?)  1687, 2 February.”


4o:A4 ($Aii, Aiii) 2A-5N4 ($3 + 5Niiii)

No page numbers. 2Niii signed “LLiii” (2Liii).


Call Number

PA2361 .C34 1534
Calepino's Dictionarium
Ambrosii Calepini Bergomatis Lexicon - 1534