F. Ambrosij Calepini Bergomensis Ord. Erem. S. Augustini Dictionarium septem linguarum - 1613

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This seven language dictionary includes Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. Many entries have been shortened relative to the earlier editions with fewer literary examples, and the typographical distinction between proper and common names has been collapsed. Column headings mark the three (and sometimes four) letters that are representative of the column’s contents. Mid-column headings are also used to mark transitions into a new letter or letter pair. The CRRS copy contains an interesting bit of artistic vandalism: to the title page portrait a reader has added a great deal to the monk’s hair.

Calepini 1613 H1r detail (Canis)

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Leaves are numbered on recto. Signatures and leaf numbers start over for each appendix. 

Each letter begins with decorated capitals, except X, which begins with a large plain capital. Mid-column changes of the first two letters are marked (e.g., C ante E for the change from words beginning CA to those beginning CE).

Dictionary is arranged in two columns, headings of usually three letters (up to four letter headings are seen in cases where a letter is printed as a ligature, as in Æ) are printed at the top of each column. The headings correspond roughly to the beginning of the column, although this is not strict. More often they correspond to the majority of words in the column. The second column on E2r is mislabeled entirely – CAP when ARG or ARI.

Entries are alphabetized by Latin, and Latin text is set in roman typeface. Within the entries, italic typeface is used for French, Spanish, and Italian.

The appendices are arranged in three columns. The first two are alphabetical by Latin, and the last by Italian. They are set in roman type.


Bibliographic Information:


Ambrogio Calepino


F. Ambrosij Calepini Bergomensis Ord. Erem. S. Augustini Dictionarium septem linguarum: Hebraicae, Graecae, Latinae, Italicae, Germanicae, Hispanicae, & Gallicae cum Paul Manutij additamentis suo cuique proprio nomini insertis : accesserunt etiam Henrici Farnesij Eburonis ... appendiculae duae, quarum altera de verborum splendore, ... altera vero de verborum interpretatione ...




Venetijs [Venice]


Apud Ioannem Guerilium


Paolo Manuzio
Enrico Farnesio


Venetijs : Apud Ioannem Guerilium, 1613.


White vellum over boards, spine intact. Leather missing from spine from top to second binding cord. Text block is intact, paper weight varies. Marginal notes on leaves 60v, 201r, 230v, 249r are very faint. Signatures E7 and 8 are creased, obscuring some text. Text on signatures K8, 3A5 and 6, and 3C8 is faded, but still legible. A piece of straw is used as a book mark at leaf 400 (3D8).

Title page portrait has been altered by hand in brown ink.


Folio; †4 (†2 signed), A-3M8($4) 3N-3O6 ($3), † - †††6($3), 2A-C6($3 -A1), 3A-G8 ($4), χ1

Misnumbered leaves: 39 (E7r) as “29,” 140 (S4r) as “122,” 165 (X5r) as “105,” 178 (Z2r) as “278,” 210 (Dd2r) as “110,” 214 (Dd6r) as “114,”  246 (Hh6r) as “242,” 280 (Mm8r) as “270,” 317 (Rr5r) as “296,” 350 (Xx6r) as “342,” 386 (Ccc2r) as “376,” 387 (Ccc3r) as “377,” 397 (Ddd5r) as “393,” 404 (Eee4r) as “440,” 440 (Iii8r) as “404,” in appendices, 16 (+++3r) as “15,” 17 (+++4r) as “16,” 4(A4r)= “15,” 11(B3r) as “13,” 30(D6r) as “7.”


†1-4 Front matter, including a life of Calepini

A-3O6  -  F. Ambrosii Calepini Dictionarium (-3O6)

†-†††6 – De Verborum Spelendore, et delectu ad vbertatem et copiam decendi (Latin, with some Greek)

2A-C6 - Second Appendix – Interpretatione Verborum (Latin)

3A-G8 – Vocabulario Volgare et Latino (Italian and Latin)

Calepino's Dictionarium
F. Ambrosij Calepini Bergomensis Ord. Erem. S. Augustini Dictionarium septem linguarum - 1613