Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la langue latine - 1696

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              This volume was donated to CRRS by former director Professor Harry Secor. It includes a handwritten note, possibly by Professor Secor, pointing out that the title and authors would usually be associated with the monastery at Port-Royal-des-Champs, but no mention of it is made here. Port Royal was well-known for the publication of books on logic and grammar—educative volumes about classical languages and rhetoric written in vernacular French. The note suggests that this copy may either be pirated or have had the monastery's name omitted due to it being out of favour with the Pope at the time of publication.

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The grammar uses several sizes of type, larger for main text and smaller for the avertissements on the lower half of page. Even smaller type is used for the lists of words that follow the introduction of a category (e.g., nouns in -us). Roman type is used for French and italics for Latin.

Bibliographic Information


Claude Lancelot


Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la langue latine: contenant les regles des genres, des declinaisons, des préterits, de la syntaxe, de la quantité, & des accens latins mises en françois avec un ordre trés-clair & trés-abregé ... ; avec un traité de la poësie latine, & une bréve instruction sur les regles de la poësie françois.






Chez Denys Mariette




Antoine Arnauld
Pierre Nicole


By Lancelot, Nicole and Arnauld; cf. Barbier, A.A. Ouvrage anonymes.


A Paris : Chez Denys Mariette ..., 1696.


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Leather binding over laminated boards, probably a 19th century rebinding. Embossing on the leather of the spine and the foredge. Marbled page edges.

Signatures L, 2E, and 2Q are darker due most likely to more highly acidic paper.


Bookplate reads “From the library of Harry R. Secor, Professor of French and Director of the CRRS”


4o: π2 (flyleaf + pastedown), A-3E8 ($4 +L1), F4 ($3), χ2 (flyleaf + paste down)

Signatures printed with roman numerals (e.g., A, Aij, Aiij, Aiiij)

815, [9] p. ; 20 cm. (8vo)


A1r - Title

A2r – Preface (French)

A8r – Ex Libro Primo Epistolarum Philologicarum Rolandi Maresii  Epistola XVI (Latin)

B1r – Avis Au Lecteur, touchant les Regles de cette Nouvelle Methode

B4v – Copyright information. Right to reprint restricted to certain printers, privilege given by the king. Right had been ceded by another publisher (Ranchin)

Z2r -  La Syntaxe

2E3r - Discours

3E8v – Table of contents

Teaching Grammars
Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la langue latine - 1696